We Need to Talk About Your Baby’s Immune System

We need to have a little talk. It's about your baby's immune system. It needs a little motivation.  A little push. After all, we want it working as hard as possible to keep your baby healthy and happy all year long. What better motivation can we give it than to call in World-Renowned Motivational Speaker, Matt Foley?!   That's an excellent question, Mr. Foley. How do we get ... [Continue Reading]

Baby Eczema: The Key to Defeating Those Itchy Red Bumps

Have you ever noticed how much parenting and jails have in common?  We have to monitor the inmates constantly. We are constantly breaking up (sibling) fights. We silently rejoice that we don't have to eat what we serve them for dinner. The inmates will try to hide things from us.  (Filled diapers, extra snacks, etc.) Inmates are tucked into their crib cell and expected to stay there ... [Continue Reading]

25 Reasons Finding Dory Should Be Your Next Birthday Party Theme

Are you looking for a crowd-pleasing theme for your baby's first birthday party? If so, STOP RIGHT HERE. Do not keep swimming through the Internet.    You want to read this.  I'm going to freestyle you 25 different ideas for a Finding Dory birthday party that are so memorable, even Dory herself would remember it. Starting with the food. Because where else would we start?  99% of ... [Continue Reading]

Magic Touch: A Baby Self Soothing Hack Every Parent Should Try

I know what you're thinking. I touch my baby all the time and it doesn't seem all "magical" when he's screaming his head off at 10pm at night.   Ahhh....but there are different types of touch. Are you sure you're using the right kind? If I had a mustache, I'd twirl it because I'm about to blow your mind with a magic trick. And not just any magic trick! It's a trick you can replicate at ... [Continue Reading]

Do You Need a Baby Sleep Consultant?

You know, the answer isn't an automatically a YES. Some parents really don't need to use a baby sleep consultant.  (Keep reading to find out if you're one of them!) I realize that since I do sleep consultant stuff as a profession, I may need to go the extra mile here to emphasize my honesty. *placing my hand on a Bible* Heather, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and ... [Continue Reading]

Why Moms Are Falling Madly in Love with Amazon Prime

  If you haven't yet discovered the Parental Power of Prime, you are seriously missing out.  I'm not ashamed to say that over the years I've developed a serious man shop-crush over Mr. Amazon Prime. In fact, since we became Amazon Prime members back in 2007, I've developed a whole new compassion for Beliebers.  I get it, you 12-year-old hysterical female fan. I get it. Here are 4 ... [Continue Reading]

Write For Us! (And Get Paid to Do It)

We Interrupt Your Post for an UPDATE! July 27th, 2016 Wow, Ladies (and singular brave Gent).  You have all blown me over with your creativity and openness! We have had 81 applications submitted! Yowzers.   The Editorial Team and I have been pouring over them for the past few weeks, and we still have more to go.  I had no idea you were all this talented!!! Seriously, perhaps I ... [Continue Reading]

Your First Getaway: How to Confidently Leave Your Baby Behind

Do you ever find yourself dreaming of a summer getaway? Just think of the possibilities. You could... Relax on the beach. Read a whole book. Eat a meal in peace. Enjoy your husband without interruption. Please girl, you could take a nap! Sounds like paradise, doesn't it? I know what you're thinking. "Yes, it sounds lovely in theory...but I'm a mom.  How on earth am I ... [Continue Reading]

How I Plan to Make Father’s Day Extra Epic This Year

Dads are pretty important. Besides being hilarious and creative in their parenting approach, they are a valuable source of wisdom and encouragement for us and our kids.  #YouDaRealMVP That said, they can be incredibly frustrating to buy for.  Hence all the "Dad Gift" stereotypes: A tie A wallet A hat or baseball cap Some picture to put up in his cubicle There's nothing wrong ... [Continue Reading]

GIVEAWAY: 4 Reasons Keeping a Baby Journal is a Brilliant Idea

Do you know one of the first lessons Amy and I teach our sleep coaching clients? Keep a baby journal.  It is one of the biggest littlest things you can do to improve your baby's sleep, your sanity, and everything in between. Today we're partnering up with Duo Diary to give away two Mama & Baby Health Diaries. These diaries not only will help you track your baby's health and sleep, ... [Continue Reading]